Here at Stump Grinding Congleton we pride ourselves on offering a professional, yet low cost service. For our experienced team no stump removal job is too big, or difficult.
We can easily remove several stumps scattered across a large area, or just one that is getting in the way in your garden. Whatever you need we can do it.

A qualified stump grinding team

Everyone in the Stump Grinding Congleton team is well trained. Our team members have all completed the City & Guilds NPTC course, and is regularly sent away to update their training.

Safe tree and stump removal

We take safety seriously, so everyone also regularly undergoes health and safety training. Before we start, we carefully assess the job to work out how we can gain access to the stump and remove it without causing damage.

Fully insured

Every detail is planned, to keep the risk of accidents to a minimum. However, just in case something does go wrong, we are fully insured, providing both you, and us, with peace of mind.

Your garden restored to its former state

We also work hard to make sure that nothing in your garden, or grounds, is damaged during the stump removal process. When we leave, your garden will look as good as it did when we first arrived.

An environmentally friendly service

What happens to the wood chippings generated when we remove your tree stump is up to you. We can use most of it to backfill the hole, and take any that is left over away with us. It will then be disposed of it in an environmentally friendly way. However, if you prefer you can keep any leftover chippings and use them as mulch for your garden.

No stump beats us

We are more than happy to tackle the removal of awkwardly placed stumps. In fact, at Stump Grinding Congleton we really like a challenge. Our team has access to the latest and best stump removal kit. Therefore, we can get into tight spaces, and can often do so without the need to remove other plants.

Our tree removal service

Our primary area of expertise is stump removal, but we can still help you if you need an entire tree to be cut down and disposed of. We work in partnership with experienced tree surgeons, to provide this service. They take care of cutting the tree down, and we remove the stump. If you order your tree removal through us, we can offer you a good discount for the stump removal element of the job.

How to get a quote

To get a quote from Stump Grinding Congleton, all you need to do is to give us a ring on 07557644818, or simply fill out the online contact form.