Whether you have one stump or a group of trees that need to be removed, we can help. Over the decades, the Stump Grinding Wythenshawe team has dealt with every kind of stump removal job imaginable. Therefore, we know we can get your job done, and do it for a great price

A professionally trained team

All of our personnel are fully trained. Everyone in the company has undertaken full health and safety training, and holds up to date City & Guilds qualifications. We work quickly, but safely, to make sure that you stay safe and your property is not damaged.

The latest equipment

We regularly update the equipment that we use, and maintain it all to a high standard. The fact that we use the latest stump grinding technology means that we can remove any size, or type of, stump. We have the experience to get into awkward spots other firms cannot. It also means that we can remove most stumps without the need for you to cut down other plants, so that we can gain access to the stump that needs removal.
The fact that we have access to compact stump removal equipment means we can easily get it through your garden gate. You will not have to have any of your fence panels removed to give us access to the stump.

A clean finish

We are professionals, so make sure that you get a good finish. Our aim is for your garden, or business premises, to look as good when we leave as it did when we first arrived.
Normally, we use the waste wood created by the stump grinding process to backfill the hole. However, if you prefer we can take that waste away, and fill the dip with soil instead. All you need to do is to let us know which option you want, in advance. We take a flexible approach to make sure that you get what you want.
The wood chips produced during the grinding process can easily be kept by the client and used as mulch. However, if there is any waste material left over we take it with us, and make sure that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Our tree removal service

By working with a local tree surgeon, we also offer a full tree removal service. If you choose to have the stump removed too, we will carry out that work, and be able to offer you a considerable discount.

Get a no obligation quote

Getting a quote from Stump Grinding Wythenshawe is easy. All you need to do is to fill out the online quote form, or give us a call on 07557 644 818.